This Ain’t Your Momma’s Calisthenics!

Emmanuel Lopez for SlimClip Case

Emmanuel Lopez

Calisthenics Competitor

If you spend any significant time on Instagram you have for sure seen more than a few trends, some of them funny, some disturbing, and others down right amazing.  I couldn’t help but to notice the amazing handstands that kept coming up on our Instgram roll and some of the most amazing of them all Over and over again I started seeing guys (and gals too…. Dang is that acceptable these days?) making what looked like gymnastics to me… Look Cool!

calisthenic competitions

I was like, “Man, when did tatted up dudes with beards start doing gymnastics with Hip Hop tracks blasting in the background?!”


SlimClip CAse by theWTFactory

It’s break dancing B-boy meets Olympic Bars Competition 


It got my attention!
It turns out it’s a World Wide phenomenon and our man Emmanuel Lopez is right in the middle of if all! Emmanuel trains with his significant other Ale Gomez and trains other aspiring Calisthenic Athletes.

Ale Gomez and Emmanuel Lopez for slimclip case

Emmanuel discovered calisthenics in 2013.  After training 7 years in Muay Thai, one if his friends invited him to try a bars workout.


I decided to give Calisthenics a try, and after a few weeks of training I start to see the progress and I liked the results.  Soon, I quit Muay Thai to just train in calisthenics exclusively.  It wasn’t long before I saw a video of a guy doing a muscle up and I started to train to do one myself.  My form improved to the point where I was able to do muscle ups with very good form.
 E lopez face of slimclip case by theWTFactory
That’s when I started on more advanced moves like human flag and developing my own form and my own routines.

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